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Rest near to Riga is a great pleasure


There are silence and nature. During the sightseeing eko_house (80)trip one can look at such cultural monuments as the Latvian National Opera, Riga Russian Theatre of Michael Chekhov and many other sightseeing objects. After enjoying the architecture of the old town you can visit a cosy coffee, restaurant or SPA center. A little outside the city there is a creation of the outstanding architect Rastrelli – Rundale palace; the home residence of the first Riga mayor sir Georgs Armisted – Jaunmoku palace in the Tukums region and other objects.

In Jurmala – there is the famous Jomas Streetptichka where the best seaside restaurants are located. Near the street there is „Dzintari” concert hall where the following summer festivals broadcasted in TV „New wave”, „KVN”, „Singing Kivin”, „Jurmalina” take place. A little further in Jurmala there is the largest nature reserve „Kemeri”. Here in the 18th century members of the royal family, important merchants and industrialists from the Russian Empire used to spend their leisure time. You can enjoy the atmosphere of leisurely, calm relax, and also you can go horse riding here and now!