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Services of the recreation center

There are following services included in the housing price of the Latvian center „Lilac Farm”: breakfast cooked organic products which are grown in the domestic farm, change of bed clothes and towels. Meeting and seeing at the airport „Riga” or at the Riga Central Station if you prefer travelling by train either at the beginning of the rest, or concluding the rest.

Also we offer to rent a minibus with 7 seats for travelling throughout Latvia to Riga,Jurmala and other towns and to the Europe; also bicycles, fishing tools, barbeque, ping-pong and novus are for rent.

On the territory of the recreation center there is a pond with mountains pring water where one can fish.

From 23 to 24 of June the Latvian national festival „Ligo” is widely celebrated. The life actually freezes in the towns: the festival is celebrated throughout Latvia, people try to be at the countryside; they set campfires, dance, drink bear and have a barbeque.

It is accustomed to make wishes, to jump over the campfire and to find a blossom of the fern – there is a legend that fern blossoms only in this night and a person who plucks this blossom will experience a great happiness. Try to find your blossom of fern!