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The recreation complex „Lilac Farm” invites you to enjoy the harmony:to charge with a power of the nature before new achievements!

The cottage complex „Lilac Farm” invites you to relax close to nature in a way that you have never experienced yet!

Cottages are located in Latvia, close to Riga and Jurmala, close to nature – in a picturesque place at the Kekava district – in the large forest meadow where does run among different songbirds (more than 40 species!). Near the pond water comes from underground source. The best place for fishers and for those who love to dive after the bath close to the nature.

In the „Lilac Farm” the season is already in full swing!

We offer to choose two cottages: two-storey and one-storey cottage. A full range of services is included in the accommodation price: food made with love from ecologically pure products and with love (there is a domestic farm in the territory of the complex), change of bed clothes, meeting and seeing at the airport.

Furthermore, an additional range of services is also offered, including rent of the minibus for trips in Latvia and Europe. And also – the cruise boat Sea Ray Sundancer 260 with an experienced captain on the deck in order to view the adorable panorama of Riga and Jurmala, including going to the high sea!


The cottage is at your disposal from 16.00 on the day of arrival and until 12.00 on the day of departure. 1-2 days prior to arrival, arrange with the owner of the cottage about the place where you can get the key. The key can be in the cottage in a special box, the key to which you will tell the owner or you can get it in a certain place under the contract with the owner of the cottage.

Cottages are surrendered on the principle of self-sufficiency. The cottage has small stocks of toilet paper and kitchen paper towels, as well as detergents. Customers bring their own bed linen and do the final cleaning if they have not ordered and paid for these services in advance. Check your booking confirmation - whether bed linen and cleaning are included in the price of your reservation. The cottage has dishes and cooking utensils for cooking simple dishes. Firewood for the fireplace is included in the price of the reservation, unless otherwise stated in the description of the cottage.

You will easily find a cottage if you follow the description of the journey in the booking confirmation.

You can take your pet with you to the cottage in case the animals in the cottage are allowed. Be sure to inform the reservation center if you are planning to bring an animal with you. In some cottages for the finding of an animal is charged a separate fee. In cottages where animals are forbidden, animals can not be brought, no matter how small and obedient your pets may be.

Why choose us?

There are silence and nature. During the sightseeing eko_house (80)trip one can look at such cultural monuments as the Latvian National Opera, Riga Russian Theatre of Michael Chekhov and many other sightseeing objects. After enjoying the architecture of the old town you can visit a cosy coffee, restaurant or SPA center.

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